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Should you learn VBA?

The shorts answer is definitely Yes.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can be an incredibly helpful tool in anyone’s day-to-day work. You would be able to create things otherwise impossible, and speed up immensely what is possible without VBA. It can be used not only in Excel, but also in Word, PowerPoint and can be irreplaceable in Outlook. In fact, developing our Excel Templates with Macros would have been much easier and quicker to do. However, we purposefully avoided using VBA, because we know that it can be intimidating for many, and would make the products less customizable in the hands if less advanced users. So should you start learning VBA?

Absolutely yes.

Most Microsoft Office users have a limited knowledge of the tools they daily use and their true capabilities. Many people, who have used Excel daily for years cannot write a VLOOKUP without looking it up (pun intended). However, the simple fact that you came across this blog post asking yourself if you should take up VBA, means that you are a more advanced users. You probably know much more of the functionalities of Excel and the other Office applications, than the average user. And you also know what you could achieve with VBA and how useful it can be.

  • If you already feel limited by the build-in formulas and the out-of-to-box tools, then you should start learning.

  • If you think your career will take you deeper into the world of the Microsoft Office applications, then you should start learning.

It will not only give you an edge over the competition when looking for a job and during your career, but will make your daily tasks much more manageable and will make your work much more impressive.

The good news is, is that it is very easy to start, once you have the proper motivation. You can take it up yourself through recording macros and learning directly from code there. You could read blogs and watch video tutorials – the resources are endless.

One amazing tool we would definitely recommend in the start of your VBA journey is the AutoMacro: VBA Code Tools from It is an add-in for VBA with an extensive code library and code generators that will help you start using VBA straight away and learn as you go. The tool by itself covers many of the most common scenarios, where you would need VBA. So, even if you don’t intend to become a VBA pro, it can still be a valuable asset.

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect, and this is definitely the case with VBA. However much time you spend developing your Macros skills, you will be rewarded times over.

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