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Excel Dashboard In 4 Minutes?

Yes, now it's possible.

Creating a Dashboard in Excel can be a lengthy process (even with the help of our dashboard and charts tutorials).

There are so many things you need to consider - what KPIs should be included, how is the data going to be populated, how is it going to be structured, how is it going to feed the different visualizations and how will they be controlled, in order to provide a dynamic user experience. What about the layout, the colors, and all the countless other pieces...?

Then, after you have it all figured out, you're faced with the creation of the actual visualizations. Sure, some of them are going to be simple tables and pivots, but what about the gauges? What about the speedometers, fancy actual vs. target charts, waterfalls and gantt charts?

Advanced visualizations can help tell the story of the data and if properly used, can make your dashboards stand out and add an additional level of trust from your stakeholders. Therefore, it's important to create a well structured and great looking layout, with amazing charts supporting your data.

Just think about it. Do you want to present to your customer or boss something like this:

Excel Dashboard with default charts

Or would you prefer to show them something similar to this:

Excel Dashboard created with Pine BI visualizations

The problem is that these visuals take time to create. One could easily spend hours researching how to create the perfect non-standard chart, only to find out that it requires 10 additional calculation columns, and then spend several hours more creating the actual chart. It's a shame that Excel doesn't provide these popular advanced visualizations by default and that people are forced to spend hours googling, or use alternative tools.

Here is where Pine BI comes in.

Both dashboards from the example above are based on the same data source and actually took the same amount of time to make, thanks to Pine BI.

Among many other features, Pine BI allows you to can create more than 25 of the most popular advanced visualizations in seconds, thus saving hours, which can be reinvested in analysis. All of the necessary calculations and mechanics are added completely automatically. The visualizations stay dynamic, editable and shareable, even with users who don't have Pine BI.

To demonstrate all of this, we decided to make a short video, where we show how an Excel dashboard with advanced charts, like the one above, can be created in under 4 minutes with the help of Pine BI. Imagine having to create all of these visuals alone and how many more hours would it have taken?

Make sure to check all the features and details of Pine BI and see how it can save you hours!

Best Regards,

The Pinexl Team

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