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We specialize in offering Premium Microsoft Excel Tools for small and big businesses. All products are designed to be as modern, easy and as intuitive as possible to use, but at the same time to offer powerful insight into the data allowing for quick data driven business decisions.


Our experience in multinational corporations with high level stakeholders is brought into the offered products. With a minimalist and beautiful approach to visualizations, our products offer a professional and high-level way of showcasing and analyzing performance data, managing projects and making the daily work easier.


Our experience has shown that often you do not really need expensive software solutions in order to create beautiful and impactful dashboards or manage projects and teams. Many times their implementation turns out to be too long, too expensive and overall too complicated. This is due to high learning curves, high license and subscription costs and non-standard interfaces and functionalities. We believe that smartly designed Excel Spreadsheets can offer similar if not more flexible features that compete with the latest tools. When the lack of additional costs or learning curves is taken into account, an Excel Spreadsheet solution is indeed still a viable option.

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