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Pine BI

Excel Add-In For Charts, Dashboards & More

Pine BI Excel Add-In Ribbon Version 1.1

Create Advanced Dynamic Excel Charts In a Single Click

Turn Your Excel Workbook Into a Dynamic & Engaging Dashboard

The Charts

Excel didn't give you
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Pine BI Advanced Excel Charts

The Right Charts

More than 25 of the best and most popular advanced Excel charts - available at any time.

Save Time

Never again spend hours searching how to build the perfect chart. You can now automatically create it in seconds!

Share & Present

Analyze and share your data through beautiful Dashboards and amazing dynamic charts.

Use Pine BI visualizations in PowerPoint for impressive presentations.

Chart Editor

Edit one or multiple charts at the same time. Copy/paste format, split charts, arrange them in a grid & more.

Powerful. Dynamic. Beautiful.


There are two ways of creating a chart with Pine BI:

1. Select the relevant data and create a chart based on it

2. Add a chart template, which you can later adjust to your data

Both options will result an amazing dynamic and shareable visualization!

Pine BI Create Advanced Excel Chart
Pine BI Edit Excel Waterfall Chart


All Pine BI visualizations can be edited and changed just like the default Excel charts. There is no confusing UI and no limitations. Use the Excel you know and love.


All Pine BI Charts and Gauges are dynamic and can be updated in real time. Since they are built on native Excel features, they work in the exact same way as the default Excel Charts.

Pine BI Dynamic Excel Chart
Business Meeting


Since Pine BI is built on VBA and native Excel features, all your stakeholders will be able not only to see, but to update and change the visualizations you've created - they're still dynamic! They won't need to have the Add-In installed, thus making your work truly shareable!


All Pine BI visualizations can be copied and linked with PowerPoint or Word - just like any default Excel chart. This means that they can even stay dynamic and make your presentations amazing!

Pine BI Advanced PowerPoint Chart Dashboard
Pine BI Chart Editor

Chart Editor

Use the Pine BI Chart Editor to edit one or more charts at once.

Change the background and borders, size, axis values, units and labels.

Split a complicated graph into multiple charts and arrange them in a grid.

Copy and Paste chart format in seconds.


In some locations, the formulas in Excel are translated in the local language. Many people prefer having Excel in their own language and we respect that. Pine BI will work just fine, regardless of your Excel language preferences!

Looking Out of a Skyscaper
Image by Brooke Cagle

Easy to Use

There are no complicated new User Interfaces to learn and no coding skills are required. All complicated formulas, necessary for the visualizations are automatically added. After creating a chart, the user can modify it just like a standard Excel Chart.

No training or programming needed.


There are no EXE, DLL or other files. Just the standard XLAM format of an Excel Add-In. This means that you can install it on your computer, without the need of special access or IT support for larger organizations.

Business Meeting

Data Visualization is a crucial part of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

Being able to analyze and understand data in a glance and to communicate it in an understandable way
is key for every business. 

Pine BI is an Excel Add-In, which allows you to create advanced dynamic charts, gauges and more in a single click.

It also helps you turn your Excel Workbook into a dynamic and engaging dashboard, ready to present and share.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used data applications in the world. Still, when it comes to data visualization, the standard charts just don't provide the right tools straight out of the box. You'd have to modify them as needed, thus spending a lot of time in research and development.

Pine BI is here to change that.


More than 25 of the most widely used and complex visualizations for data analysis and project management can now be created automatically straight from your data or added as a template in a single click.

Waterfalls, Actual vs. Target Charts, Gantt Charts, Gauges and much more - all dynamic and available in an instance.


The Pine BI Chart Editor allows users to edit multiple charts at the same time and offers features, not normally available in Excel, like splitting charts, arranging them in a grid and copy-pasting chart format. These and many more features help users format the layout of their Dashboards quick, precise and with an impact.

An additional advantage of Pine BI is that it is built on VBA and entirely native Excel features, thus making it possible to share your workbook with your stakeholders, who will be able not only to see, but even edit the charts without the Add-In. 

No complicated User Interface, no coding required, no additional downloads, nothing to install.

The only thing you need is a Windows computer with Excel 2007 or newer. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Alexander Y.

"Amazing design and value! Waiting for the next products!"

Steve Sunder

President Sunder Vision Solutions

"I've been using Pinexl dashboards for a few months and love them and the detail they display!"

Mohamed F.

"Amazing! This would really help me a lot in my new role! Looking forward to more such creative dashboards!"

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