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Frequently Asked Questions

Pine BI

How to create your chart?


Adding a chart with Pine BI is easy - you can create one based on your own data, or add a template, which you can adjust to fit your needs.

How to edit your chart?


Pine BI is built on entirely native Excel features. Therefore, you can edit all charts just like the default Excel ones.

How to share your chart?


Users without Pine BI will still be able to see and edit the charts you've created. Charts can be easily copied to PowerPoint and Word.

Are the charts dynamic?


Yes! Every visualization can be updated, changed and expanded if you add new data.

Can users without Pine BI use the charts?


Yes! Since Pine BI is built on entirely native features, users without the Add-In will not only be able to see, but to also edit the charts you have created!

Can charts be created from Pivot Tables?


Yes! Visualization can be based on normal cells, tables and Pivot Tables. If you create a chart based on a Pivot Table, it will not be created as a Pivot Chart, but as a normal one instead.

Can I export the chart to PowerPoint?


Yes! All visualizations can be copied in PowerPoint just like any normal Excel chart. You can even link the data, so that the PowerPoint chart can be dynamic!

Is there a trial version?


There as completely free Demo version available. It has 3 charts, so that you can test out the functionality before committing to a purchase. It will also run forever!

Can I use my license on other computers?


If you have already registered a license on a specific computer, you can disable it. This will allow you to use it on another computer. You won’t be able to continue using Pine BI on the first computer, but it will be active on the second one. This process is reversible.

How will I know if a newer version is available?


All new versions of the Add-In will be sent to your per e-mail.

How do I download the software after purchasing?


After successful payment, you’ll receive an e-mail with the Serial Number and a download link.

How to install the add-in?


You can install Pine BI like any normal Excel Add-In. There are not EXE or DLL files. Detailed guideline is available with the purchase.

What Microsoft Excel versions are support?


Pine BI will work on Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.
The following charts will show an error in Excel 2007 and 2010, because some data label options are not supported:

  • Advanced Variance Charts V1

  • Advanced Variance Chart V2

  • Waterfall Charts

  • Tornado Chart

Can I pay with a Credit/Debit card?


Our payment processor is Stripe. You can subscribe to Pine BI without an account. All you need is your credit or debit card.

After purchasing, you can update payment information and control your subscription via the Stripe Customer Portal. You will be provided with a link to it with the Order Summary e-mail after payment. 

Is there a MAC version?


Currently not. However we're working on it and a MAC version will be available in the near future!

Pine BI keeps disappearing from the Ribbon after installation. What now?


This is a common issue with newer versions of Excel. Thankfully, there are several different ways to resolve this, which we have described in detail in the following blog post:

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