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Pine BI - Details

How to Create Your Chart?

Adding a chart with Pine BI is easy - you can create one based on your own data, or add a template, which you can adjust to fit your needs.

How to Edit Your Chart?

Pine BI is built on entirely native Excel features. Therefore, you can edit all charts just like the default Excel ones.

How to Share Your Chart?

Users without Pine BI will still be able to see and edit the charts you've created. Charts can be easily copied to PowerPoint and Word.

Pine BI Advanced Excel Charts 1
Pine BI Advanced Excel Charts 2

What's Included


Donut Gauge Chart

Speedometer (3 versions)

Actual Vs. Target Charts

Simple Bullet

Full Overlap

Partial Overlap


Column with Markers

Dynamic Color

Line/Area Threshold

Variance Charts



Advanced (2 versions)

Project Management Charts

Gantt With Progress



Forecast Charts

Simple Forecast

Forecast With Confidence Interval

Waterfall Charts

2 Versions



Heat Maps



Navigation Menu

Other Charts





Pine BI Excel Add-In Ribbon Version 1.1



The Layout Menu let's you turn your Excel Workbook in a truly engaging and dynamic dashboard by adding a navigation menu, worksheet background and more.

Chart Editor

Header 1.1.PNG

The Chart Editor allows users to edit one or multiple charts at once and to optimize the layout of a Dashboard.



The Gauges are perfect for measuring performance against a set target. They are very popular and you can hardly find a KPI Dashboard without at least one. Overall we have included 4 Gauge types - 1 Donut and 4 different Speedometers.

Actual Vs. Target Charts

Header 1.1.PNG

Actual Vs. Target Charts are great to visually represent performance, measured against a predefined target.

Variance Charts


Variance charts show by how much the actual results differ from a target.

Forecast Charts


Forecast charts help to visually represent actual vs planned performance.

Waterfall Charts


Waterfall charts help visually represent the cumulative effect of sequential positive and negative values. They are also notoriously difficult to create in Excel. Still, we've managed to create amazing Waterfall charts that have many features and are very flexible.

Project Management Charts


Project Management charts help manage and track the status of a project. They are also very valuable when communicating a project's phase and overall status to an audience.

Other Charts


Pine BI offers a lot more charts, which can be helpful in a variety of situations - from Dashboards to Presentations.



Cards are important part of a Dashboard. They help the audience focus on the most important data and guide the viewer through the Data Analysis process.

Heat Map


Heat Maps are great for Data Analysis, when a large amount of data must be compared at a single glance. 



The Settings menu allows the user to activate and manage the Pine BI license.

Key Features

  • Easily create charts from:

    • Normal Excel Data Ranges

    • Excel Tables

    • Pivot Tables

    • Horizontal/Vertical Data Ranges

  • The data ranges don't have to be in a specific order - they can even be in separate sheets!

  • All Charts are dynamic and are updated in real time

  • Easy to edit - all charts work just like the default Excel charts

  • Easy to share in PowerPoint or Word

  • Users without the Add-In will still be able to see, use and edit the charts

30 Day Badge.png


Publisher: Pinexl Ltd.

Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher*, Windows 8,10 & 11. Both 32/64 bit.

Supported Excel Version: Excel 2007 or newer**

Date Published: 16 April 2020

Current Version: 1.1

* If you are using Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed. Pine BI cannot be activated otherwise.

** Waterfall charts, some Actual vs. Target charts and some Other charts  work best in Excel 2013 or newer. Please refer to the detailed overview above for additional information.


Alexander Y.

"Amazing design and value! Waiting for the next products!"

"I've been using Pinexl dashboards for a few months and love them and the detail they display!"

Steve Sunder

President Sunder Vision Solutions

"Amazing! This would really help me a lot in my new role! Looking forward to more such creative dashboards!"

Mohamed F.

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