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Learn how to create dynamic Excel Dashboards to improve
data analysis and presentation

Excel Dynamic Dashboard Controls Thumbna
Excel Dashboard Controls

Free 25 minutes YouTube video tutorial, in which you'll learn what are the best controls for amazing dynamic Excel Dashboards - how to create them and how to use them. Slicers, Dropdown Menus and much more!

Excel Dynamic Dashboard Tutorial
Dynamic Excel Dashboard

Free 35 minutes YouTube video tutorial, which will teach you the basics, as well as some tips and tricks for creating a dynamic Dashboard in Microsoft Excel, following best practices and reporting principles.

Sales Dashboard.jpg
Pivot Charts Excel Dashboard

Free 20 minutes YouTube video tutorial, in which you'll learn how to create an Excel Dashboard, made entirely with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

Excel Navigation Menu Pane Tutorial
Excel Spreadsheet Navigation Menu

Free YouTube video tutorial, in which you'll learn how to create a Navigation Menu in Excel, which looks amazing and makes structuring complicated files easy!

Create Amazing Excel Dashboards with Pine BI
Pine BI Excel Add-In Ribbon Version 1.1

Pine BI is a premium Excel Add-In, which allows users to create advanced charts in a single click and to turn a standard workbook into a modern Dashboard.

Powerful. Dynamic. Beautiful.

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