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Best Dynamic Controls For Excel Dashboards

Our new YouTube tutorial is up!

After a long pause, we are back with more YouTube tutorials!

In this one, you'll learn how to create and use dynamic controls in order to make your Excel dashboards more engaging understandable and easier to work with! Although they may seem intimidating at first, you'll find that the Slicers, Dropdown Menus and Form Controls are not that difficult to set up and use. After you understand the main principles behind them, your reports and dashboards will be on a whole new level!

Of course, the example file used in the video, is available to download for FREE on the Dynamic Controls Tutorial page.

Make sure to check out our Excel Add-In Pine BI, featured in the video. Learn how it can save you countless hours by creating advanced dynamic charts in a single click and how it can help you turn Excel workbooks into amazing Dashboards!

If you found this video useful, please like it, share it and subscribe to the channel for more free Excel tutorials!

Best Regards,

The Pinexl Team

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