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Create Amazing Excel Charts In Seconds

The Pinexl Integrated Excel Preset Chart Templates allow you to create incredible looking visualizations in seconds!

They are available at any time and are added just like the default Excel Charts.

No longer will you have to spend time adjusting and editing the default charts in Excel. We have used our business intelligence experience and best practice techniques, in order to create the best possible data visualizations. Use them to create amazing Excel reports and Dashboards and to present data with an impact!


We have covered any situation.

Our preset templates include Column, Line, Area, Bar, Pie, Doughnut and Charts.

Stacked and marker versions are also available where applicable.

We have also created amazing Actual vs. Target charts and Accent charts, to boost your data analysis!

All of them integrate seamlessly and work the same way as the default Excel charts - add them in a click of a button!


From the classic Excel look, to the style of the most modern and powerful business intelligent tools.

You can choose between 6 different color palettes to best suit your needs and for the biggest impact!


Every chart preset has been designed for up to 12 different data series,

making sure you won’t need to manually edit colors!

With the Preset Chart Templates you get 3 additional downloads!

This full package makes sure you have all necessary resources to create amazing reports and dashboards in Excel!


We have included an amazing inventory of the best advanced dynamic Excel Charts and the most popular charts for KPI Dashboards and for Project Management. No longer will you have to spend hours looking for instructions and manually creating these complicated charts. All of them will now be available to you with detailed descriptions and examples in a single Workbook