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How to Create a Sales Dashboard in Excel

Updated: May 12, 2023

Fully Dynamic and almost entirely with Pivot Charts

After the success of our last video on How to Create a Dashboard in Excel From Scratch, we decided to build on top of it. Many people wanted to see how can a fully Pivot Chart Dashboard be created. So we did just that, by showing how you can build this simple Sales Dashboard in Excel.

This would mean that all charts will be controlled by the same filters and slicers.

This way, there will be no need of fixing the charts’ mechanics, manually adding categories or products. Everything is totally dynamic – just add the Raw Data and refresh.

Of course, The Pivot Charts are above your average ones. We have Actual vs. Budget, Actual vs. Target, Dynamic Colors, modern and professional design. All while following our Guidelines on Building a Dashboard in Excel.

As before, you are welcome to follow along, as no Macros/VBA or Add-ins are needed. Just Microsoft Excel 2013 or above (even 2010 will work, but the slicers will be changed).

Of course, we are happy to provide this Excel Dashboard for FREE.

If you need something more advanced, make sure to check out our Premium Excel Templates, where you’ll be able to find Excel Project Management, Calendar, KPI Dashboard and other Spreadsheets.

If you need support with your own Excel Dashboards, we are happy to help! Check out our Consulting Page for more information on how we can make your Excel Dashboards beautiful.

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