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How To Create A Navigation Menu Pane in Excel

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The most beautiful way of doing it!

After receiving many questions on how we create the navigation menus for our Dynamic Excel Spreadsheet Templates, we decided that I’d be a good idea to show you all.

People have been wondering if it is a matter of hiding charts, coding or some other trickery. The truth is however far simpler! As in many cases, the simplest solutions are the most elegant. As always, no VBA or Add-Ons are used for the menu. It is only a clever use of hyperlinking. The same method can be used with buttons or other objects. However we think that having a dedicated navigation pane is definitely the most modern, understandable and clear way to introduce a navigation menu in your Excel Dashboards.

For detailed instructions on how to create a navigation menu pane in Microsoft Excel without any VBA, Macros or Add-Ons, please check our newest video.

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