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Pine BI - Settings


The Settings menu is used to control your license. There are several option available


The Activate Button allows the user to setup the account, in order to use Pine BI. If Pine BI is not activated, none of the features will work.

The user must be connected to the Internet, in order to activate the license. For One-Time Purchases this is needed only at the activation. For Subscriptions, the user must be connected to the Internet at every billing period, in order for the license to continue to work.

All fields are mandatory, except for Company.


The Options Button displays the information, with which the user has activated the license.

The Request Number (RN) is the unique computer code, which is integrated in the serial number.

Here, the user can choose to Release or Reset a license.

Release makes it possible for the user to block the serial number on the current computer and to allow it to be used on another computer.


The serial number can then be restored back by clicking on the Restore Button, as long as it is not active elsewhere.

Reset - an activated license can be reset on the local computer. To Reset your license, please write to us at


The Refresh button refreshes the status of the serial number.


The Status button shows the current status of the Serial Number


Shows general information about Pine BI.

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