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How to edit a Pine BI chart

Pine BI Edit Dynamic Excel Chart

Pine BI is built on VBA and entirely native features in Excel. What this means is that you can edit, expand and adjust every Pine BI visualization just like you would any standard Excel chart.


There are no new user interfaces, menus or options to learn.


Simply use the Excel you know and love in order to add/remove chart elements, change colors, change size and move around.

Pine BI Excel Format Chart 1
Pine BI Excel Format Chart 2

How to create a chart?

Adding a chart with Pine BI is easy - you can create one based on your own data, or add a template, which you can adjust to fit your needs.

How to share a chart?

Users without Pine BI will still be able to see and edit the charts you've created. Charts can be easily copied to PowerPoint and Word.

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