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Project Management Template Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce that we are at the final stages of development of our Project Management Excel Template!

Excel Project Management Template
Project Management Tool Screenshot - The Dashboard Tab gives overview of the current project status

Project Management tools are used to help organize and manage the different tasks, sub-tasks, activities and to-do-s related to a big project. Our template will allow you to review and manage the activities through a dynamic Gantt Chart and a Budget & Costs tracker. A Team view will be also available, helping you to see and analyze workload and performance. The Dashboard page (screenshot above) will show high-level overview of the project, so that the viewer can have a clear understanding of the current project status at a glance.

Currently, there are many Project Management Tools that can be found online. Many of them however, are very costly to use. Other, like existing PM Excel Templates don't offer many functionalities, cannot be edited easily or simply look outdated. This is why we were inspired to create a modern and dynamic tool of our own. As you can see from the screenshot, our Excel Template will have a modern look and a dynamic and easy to use interface. Of course, it will be completely unlocked and macro-free, as all our Excel Templates are.

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