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Introducing Pine AI - Our ChatGPT Powered Excel Add-In

Bringing the power of AI to Excel

We're excited to introduce Pine AI – our first ChatGPT powered Excel add-in!

With Pine AI users can generate formulas and VBA code by simply explaining what they need to do, thus saving countless hours of searching online. In addition, Pine AI can also explain and proofread both formulas and VBA code and suggest corrections.

It is no secret that similar solutions already exist, as companies are racing to find use cases for ChatGPT and to integrate it into their services.

What differentiates Pine AI is that being an Excel Add-In, it is integrated in your workbooks. This allows for two very interesting features:

  1. VBA code can not only be generated, but also executed automatically. So, users who don’t have experience with VBA, can now create and run code without ever going near the Developer tab. This opens a whole new world, where you simply explain what you need to do and in two clicks it is done automatically. Of course, it always helps understanding what you do and how you do it, but this feature can open the door to coding for many users who are otherwise intimidated by the concept. And for everyone else it's a great time saver.

  2. Data can be summarized and analyzed automatically and straight from the worksheet. You can even get suggested action points on it. All that is needed is selecting the data range, submitting it and Pine AI handles the rest.

There is one more incredibly useful feature. All the above can be done by writing the prompts in almost any language! Although there is basically unlimited amount of information on Excel in websites, forums and videos, the majority of it is in English. There are many users around the world, for whom it is difficult to explain what they need in a second language. And for some markets, there is simply not enough information easily available. With Pine AI, everyone is now able to find the solution in seconds, by simply explaining what they need in their native tongue.

Make sure to check the overview as well as detailed features.

And get ready to excel like never before wit Pine AI!

Best Regards,

The Pinexl Team

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