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Introducing Our First Excel Add-In - Pine BI

Create advanced Excel charts in a single click and turn your workbook into a dynamic Dashboard

After six months in development, we’re proud to finally present our newest product – the Pine BI Excel Add-In.

Pine BI is a VBA based Excel add-in, which allows users to create advanced dynamic charts in Excel in seconds. They can either be created based on your data, or added as a template in a single click!

There are more than 25 visualizations and all of them are completely dynamic and editable. The main advantage of Pine BI over similar products is that it is built entirely on VBA using native Excel features. This means that the visualizations can be shared with users, who don’t have the add-in installed. They will be able not only to see them, but to even edit and change! An additional advantage to that is that the charts can be simply copied in PowerPoint for amazing presentations. The data can be even linked with Excel, so that the PPTs stay dynamic!

No longer will you have to search for hours how to built advanced charts and then spend even more time actually building them. For the first time ever, these charts are completely automated and can be created directly based on your existing data. All necessary calculations to make them work are added completely automatically, so you won’t have to worry about formulas, coding or any adjustments.

Waterfall, Gantt, Milestone, Bullet, Gauges, Speedometers. Actual vs. Budget charts and much more – all available in seconds.

Pine BI also allows the user to add a navigation menu pane, change the background color and hid the sheet tabs in a single click. This makes it possible make your spreadsheet workbooks look less like Excel and more like modern dashboard applications.

So make sure to check out the details and see how Pine BI works and how it can save you countless hours.

Oh, and by the way, there is also a completely free demo available, which you can use learn about how the add-in works.

This is a new page for us and we’re excited to share it with you all.

Best Regards, The Pinexl Team

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