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Introducing Our Excel Perpetual Calendar

Tired of searching for a new Excel calendar each year? Never again!

After analyzing recent google trends, we were surprised to see that at the beginning of every year, the searches for an Excel calendar spike thousands of times! This gave us an idea - eliminate the need for a new calendar every year. How to do that - build an Excel Perpetual Calendar, of course!

But what does perpetual mean? It means that all you need to change the months or years is to click on the build-in scrolls. Every month of every year is available a few clicks away, so that you won't have to search for a new calendar next year or update this one,

On top of that we integrated a task management functionality within the calendar. What separates our from other similar products, is that the PINEXL calendar is completely dynamic. This means that there is no need to manually delete tasks when you change the month or year. After you initially add the tasks to the database, they are automatically assigned to the respective date and will appear only when the respective day is displayed.

Of course, our Calendar is designed to be beautiful, easy to work with and to feel more like an app than a Spreadsheet. And as with all our other Templates - no macros have been used.

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