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Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

As of today, our website gets officially one year old!

The last 12 months have been very dynamic, interesting and full of development! We are enormously happy with the progress we’ve made so far!

For this one year, we’ve had hundreds of customers from more than 10 countries from 6 continents, establishing us a truly Global Business.

We’ve received only positive feedback and have always successfully been able to respond to any questions or issues our clients may have had.

It wasn’t in the initial planning, but we also successfully launched a YouTube channel, where we not only share overviews and detailed instructions for our products, but provide training and how-to videos, which have been incredibly successful on their own. At the time of writing, our YouTube channel has well over 4000 subscribers, and our most watched video How To Create A Modern & Dynamic Dashboard In Excel | FREE Download has over 100k views!

Over the past year, we started providing consulting services, helping clients with their own dashboards and visualizations.

We have already planned our next steps and are working hard on them. By the end of the year, we plan to launch two completely new product categories, promoting self service and allowing our clients to impress with amazing data visualizations.

For 2020, we have even bigger plans, with the goal to create one very different and important to us product. Without saying too much, we believe it is going to be the best of its kind on the entire internet and will have the capability to vastly improve data visualization and Dashboard creation in Excel of thousands of people!

Once again, we thank you very much for the support. Your incredible comments and responses really motivate and push us forward.

The past year has been incredibly exciting. The future looks even more so.

Happy first birthday to us and here’s to many more!

Best Regards,


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