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Excel Preset Chart Templates

Create amazing Reports and Dashboards in seconds!

We proudly announce our newest product - the Pinexl Preset Chart Templates!

It is a package of 180+ amazing charts, designed according to best practices and after years of business intelligence experience, that integrate perfectly with any version of Excel! All completely editable!

Tired of the default charts in Excel? Not enough time or know-how to bring them into the 21st century? We've got you covered!

We have Column, Bar, Area, Line, Doughnut and Pie Charts, both stacked and with markers where available. They also come in six different styles, so that you can chose the one that best fits your needs!

And that is not all...

We also included our brand new Advanced Charts Master Workbook. It contains over 15 of the best and most searched for Excel dynamic advanced charts. Some of them really do take a while to build. Now you won't have to! Just copy them to over to your spreadsheets and that's it! You'll be ready to impress all your viewers! They are amazing for KPI Reporting, Dashboards, Project Management and the list goes on...

We have also thrown in two sample Dashboards designs, for your inspiration!

Make sure you check out the all the details on the product page and also the video overview on our YouTube Channel!

Say goodbye to the old default Excel charts.

Start making data beautiful today.


Making Data Beautiful.

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