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Pine BI

Create Advanced Visualizations & Dashboards For PowerPoint

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1. Create

Create more than 25 of the best and most popular advanced charts in Excel - in seconds.

Including Gantt (Org) Charts, Actual vs. Target Charts, Waterfall Charts, Forecast Charts and much more!

2. Copy

Copy the visualizations in PowerPoint, just like you would any standard Excel chart.

3. Present

Impress and bring insight with amazing presentations and beautiful visualizations. 

... and more ...

You can format and edit all visualizations, so that they best suit your presentation design!

All visualizations can stay dynamically linked to the Excel file, so that you can save time when updating the data!

Powerful. Dynamic. Beautiful.

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Steve Sunder

President Sunder Vision Solutions

Alexander Y.

"Amazing design and value! Waiting for the next products!"

"I've been using Pinexl dashboards for a few months and love them and the detail they display!"

Mohamed F.

"Amazing! This would really help me a lot in my new role! Looking forward to more such creative dashboards!"

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