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Pine AI VBA Generator



With the Pine AI Formula Generator users can generate and execute custom VBA code based on natural language input.


Simply explain what you need to do, click on Generate and you'll see your custom code created.

Then you can either copy it, or execute it straight away by clicking on Run Code.

What Run Code does is is the following:

1. Create a new module in the active workbook

2. Copy the generated VBA code in the new module

3. Run the code

4. Delete the newly generate module

This means that even users who are not VBA experts and do not understand code, can create and execute VBA macros simply by explaining what they need.


This is a very powerful feature, which brings the power of VBA automation and flexibility to everyday non-expert users, thus saving huge amount of time.

Even though this process works best in English, you can even explain what you need in your native language! The AI can understand most languages and still provide amazing results.

Best Practice & Tips


- Be as specific as you can when explaining what you need to do. You can specify the exact ranges, worksheet names, etc.

- Sometimes the AI might generate code which has errors. If this happens, the best thing you can do is rephrase your query and provide more details of what you need. This will help the system better understand the goal and provide the best answer possible.

- It is important to remember that changes made with VBA cannot be undone. So you should always be careful before executing a code, especially if you don't understand it in details.

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